Nov 20, 2009

House Update

It seems Jason and I have a knack for finding REALLY good house deals. When we bought our house in Old Town, it had been undercontract and then fell through. The day it came back on the market, seven people looked at it and multiple offered. We got it.

Well, word has just come back on our potential abode. It went on the market 11/17, we offered 11/18...apparantly so did multiple other people. The bank has told everyone that it is a multiple offer situation...we all have one chance to make our best offer, then they'll decide. SUPER! There's something about a bank sitting back watching us all scramble around that doesn't sit so well with me!

So we're making our best offer tomorrow at 8:30am. I'm totally freaking out on a number of different fronts. Not one of those fronts includes stressing that we won't get it. I don't really care. If it is supposed to be, it will be. Wish us luck!

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