Nov 10, 2009

11 Months Old

While I stand behind what I think of the H.R. bill, it's consuming too much of my energy debating it. And while I think it's very important, I would much rather spend my time focusing on even more important things like my little lady Ella. She turned 11 months old this last Sunday. Time is flying! Her first birthday will be here before you know it! Here she is hugging her stuffed animals. And here she is dressed in a super adorable outfit last Sunday for church. Notice the pink velvet skirt, the shiny black mary janes and that pudgy little belly I just want to eat right up!It is beyond amazing to see her intelligence grow by leaps and bounds! Here are just a few examples.

~She understands when I say, "Use your words please." She stops yelling and signs more and points to what she wants.

~Last night I asked her if she was tired and she laid her head down on her hands on a pillow While I've been consistantly using this sign, I didn't know she had caught onto this one yet!

~She not only points to everything in her surroundings asking, "dat?" but she now points to specific things in the pictures of her books asking what they are.

~She follows simple instructions like, "Put the toy in the basket." When playing on her own you'll often find her taking things out of containers and putting them back in over and over.

~She's showing more and more preference. It's so neat to see her likes and dislikes emerge. She'll flip through a whole basket of books to find the one she likes and then hand it to you with and adorable look and and a question in her voice tone that clearly says, "Will you read it to me?" When you get done reading it, it starts all over. Her fave right now is wheels on the bus :)

Everyone loves the videos so here are two of them.
#1) Her new found sitting up talent in action
#2) Borrowing the fun ride on toy from the neighbor that she loved as well! The video might not capture it so well, but she does her little dancin' bounce when J pulls her around!

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Cheryl said...

Hey, that's a neat wagon! Seat belts and handles, what a great idea. Ella sure looks like she's having fun being pulled around and zoomed around by her daddy! What fun!
And I love the little belly with the cute skirt and mary janes. Super adorable! Yay, Ella, sitting up and signing, pointing, talking. She's really taking off!