Nov 5, 2009

Check the Finger.

"A lady slipped me her contact info today," Jason said with an impish grin as he walked through the door waving a napkin in the air containing some blue ballpoint scribblings.

The contact info turned out to be totally harmless, someone interested in the Lifelines Outdoor Ministry we used to do. But he then continued to recount how two different nurses had hit on him while he was giving blood at work. (He said the conversations both fizzled quickly when he made sure to clearly slip, "My wife and I" in. Good man. Good man!)

I thought...Well, can you blame them? My husband is fit, ruggedly handsom, sporting some very sexy stubble right now and he's an engineer. Here are a bunch of female nurses taking blood at a naval base which has a predominantly male workforce who all make pretty good money. If that's not a prime opportunity for a little man scoutin' then I don't know what is!

Then I thought about it a bit more and saddled up my high horse. Sure I don't fault them for cruisin' the scene, but don't they have a little decency to lay off the married ones? Ummmm, hello ladies... Check the finger.

And it was at that moment that I checked the finger....of my educated, fit, ruggedly handsome husband...and noticed that there seemed to be something missing.

"Where is your ring?" I asked him.

At this point I do believe something like this was going through Jason's head, Oh crap. Why did I open my big mouth in the first place. What have I done!?

With a lowered head and the most ridiculously cute puppy dog eyes, he responded, "I haven't had it since April. When I was teaching I got that rash on my hand and couldn't wear my ring. I put it in my drawer and I think a kid stole it. I haven't seen it since. I swear I told you."

WHAT!? You see, the fact that my husband had lost his wedding ring didn't suprise me at all. We were already on ring #2 because ring #1 got left in The Forks when he chucked it into a dry bag when he was guiding a white water rafting trip. The disturbing thing was that it had been gone since APRIL and I had not noticed! I'm losing my touch people. Losing my touch.

"That's it," I said, "We'll make a double date out of it. You and Joe Cousins are getting rings tattooed on your fingers."


Cheryl said...

Hilarious! And that's a great idea. You can't lose a tatoo. :-)

Joe Cousins said...

Too funny- I actually laughed out loud! Joe said that he's in! I've told him before I would totally let him do it as long as I got to pick out what the tatoo looks like!:)

Diane said...

This is so like Jason to lose or misplace something!! But not like you, Sarah, not to notice all this time. Funny!!