Nov 24, 2009

Have You Ever Had One of THOSE Days?

Well, today was one of THOSE days for me. First off, I've been fighting some sickness for a while. Just keeping it at bay enoughs to still be able to steam roll through my days, but feeling like a steam roller just got finished with me by the time dinner's on the table.

This morning my kitty graced me with an unexpected trip to the vet, and a 1 Gazillion dollar bill for his pesky little UTI.

I needed to to laundry and pack our bags for a trip north for Thanksgiving, but I realized I had no laundry detergent or disposable diapers. A trip to Walmart ensued and I decided to use my birthday giftcard to shop for some clothes I really need while I was there.

First of all, they were out of just one certain size diaper...Ella's size of course! So I had to get the more expensive brand. (Please note: I HATE shopping. It's a necessary Evil.) I primarily needed long sleeve shirts. I must have tried on EVERY long sleeve shirt they had in the store. It took forever! Too big, too small, too thin, too low cut, too short, not my color. I ended up with ZERO long sleeve shirts. I picked up other things instead and headed to the checkout.

Nice cashier lady had rung up all my giftcard purchases and whatdaya know...I couldn't find my giftcard. I tore my purse apart there in the line and came up with nothin'! I asked if they could hold the items because I had spent all of that prescious time shopping and I WASN'T doing it again. She agreed. I bought my other things and silently fumed all the way out to my car. I looked all through the car and couldn't find it. As I pulled out of the store I realized my gas light was on. Had no idea how long it had been on. I drove all the way home and as I pulled in the drive I looked on the back seat and there was the gift card!!!! ARRRGGHHH. I figure either God was having a hearty chuckle at that point, or my whipping around corners had shaken that dang thing loose from somewhere.

So I filled the car up with gas, drove all the way back and made my purchases and got a grip and a little perspective. Although the events of my day were surely annoying, and would have made great material for an evening sitcom...they were surely nothing major. My bad day is probably someone else's best day comparatively. And then I had a good chuckle!

And besides that, who could stay in a bad mood when you come home to this little cutie! Here she is cruisin' with her crawling on ANY surface and hugging Mr. Quinn!

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Krissy said...

I'm glad that I am not alone in having THOSE kind of days. I always end up reflecting on my frustration, thinking how odd it is that things so small can get me SO mad.