May 31, 2012

Mom Guilt

Sometimes mom guilt produces good things.  No really, hear me out.

I'd been feeling a little guilty about how much time I'd been putting into Josiah's room.  I involved Ella wherever possible, and have no worries...she's super excited about having a baby's purely my issue. 

I'd recently won mommy of the year award with her when I rigged up a fort behind her bed with sheets/blankets/tension rods/pillows and let her have her rest times in it.  I'm sure she'd have been content with that fort for the rest of her life.  But I was feeling crafty...and guilty...and crafty...

Sooooo, I made her this:

I'd seen similar things from Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, and on Etsy.  The cheapest one was like $125 bucks!  Ummmm, I don't feel THAT guilty!  But it got my creative juices flowing and I really wanted to make something special for my girl.   quick trip to Marden's scored me some sweet purple sheet sets for $9.99 each,  then I picked up a $1 hoolla-hoop, snagged an old papasan chair cushion off of craigslist and VOILA!  I used two queen flat sheets and a hoola-hoop for the tent part and covered the papasan chair cushion with one of the queen fitten sheets for the comfy tent floor.  Ella ADORES it!
Also, remember THIS pile of princess castle blocks that we scored for free at the "transfer station"? 

WELL, THIS is what it turned into!  WHOAH! 


Cheryl said...

Love it! What a lucky little princess to have such a crafty mom and agreeable dad (willing to haul all those pink blocks home)! =)

Krissy said...

That is a pretty sweet fort to take a rest in.