May 26, 2012

Josiah's Nursery!

I feel a drumroll is in order.
And now..............for the unveiling of..........Josiah's Nursery!

This is the Skip Hop Tree Top Friends bedding that I FELL IN LOVE WITH and inspired the whole room!

View from the doorway.  Paint colors are Martha Stewart "Lemon Verbena" and "Ash Bark".

View from the rocker-glider chair corner.  Love the mobile abover the changing table!  Came out JUST the way I wanted it to!

Close up of mobile over the changing table.  LOVE.

Simple wooden letters, painted to coordinate and hung on wall.  When daddy gets around to it, there will be 3 or 4 ledge bookshelves below to display all of Josiah's books forward facing.  We love books!

Simple, contemporary Bible Verse Wall art. (1 Samuel 1:27-28).

Same as above (Jeremiah 1:5)

Paper lanterns.  Suprisingly cheap and hung with fishing line.  So fun!

Simple green argyle valences I sewed.

I am simply IN LOVE with this room.  I thank God for the time, talent and resources to create it for our little one!  I dreamt about it, pinned ideas like crazy, adapted them, saved money, dreamt some more, saved some more money and finally buckled down and did it!!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to create.  I love knowing that my hands made so much of this with so much love.  I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to save money.  The better the deals, the more I save making my own, the more satisfied I feel in the end. 

I know we are fortunate to be able to have the financial means to do this.  But don't get to thinking we're loaded because we're SOOO not.  And we also do nothing on credit.  I plan, budget, save and do!  
So here's the breakdown if you want proof that you can do this stuff on a reasonable budget too!

Bedding - $180
TOTAL SPLURGE (because we're reusing pretty much every other baby gear item from Ella, and my mom actually contributed a good ol' chunk of that.  THANKS MAMA!)

Paint for Walls - $50
(I gallon of each color.  Bear Brand, Home Depot)

Fabric for Curtains and sleeve for mobile arm - $7
(thank-you Mardens, local surplus and salvage store!)

Paper Lanterns - $13

from (seriously check them out.  Ranging from .80 cents to $2.95 and 8" to 20" a Total of $9 for lanterns plus $4 shipping)

Felt for leaves on mobiles - $1.15
(5 sheets of felt at .23 cents each from Walmart)

Wooden Woodland Creatures for Mobile - $2.40
(.60 cents each Walmart)

2 11x14 Picture Frames - $11
($5 each frame and a .97 cent can of spray paint to make them white along with printing the verses on colored printer paper I already had)

Acrylic Paint for Tree leaves, Mobile & Letters - $3.50
(5 total colors ranging from .50 cents to $1 each from the craft section at Walmart)

Wooden letters - $12
($1.98 each at Walmart)

And there you have it.  Granted...I'll give you that we already had the crib, changing table and rocker from before...So if you count paint for the room, all the decorations and what WE paid for the bedding it comes out to a GRAND TOTAL OF...........

Now that's what I call design on a dime!
With a little bit of handmade hard work and some sweet bargain shopping you can do it too!


anxiousknitter said...

Sarah, it's BEAUTIFUL!!! What a sweet sweet room to have as a nursery! You did a fantastic job and big kudos for the small $$ investment. You will have many hours of enjoying Josiah in that rocker :)


Cheryl said...

I love the colors and bedding and tree on the wall and paper lanterns and tree/leaf/owl mobiles, and Bible verses, and, and, and...! It's great!=)

mary rogers said...

LOVE your nursery :) I have the same bedding for my little boy and have been looking for cheap accessories to fill the room since the bedding was so pricey.
Would you happen to remember the colors of the lanterns you purchased?
I would love to steal the idea for his nursery and i like how well yours match the bedding but there are so many colors to choose from!

Sarah said...

Mary, sorry I didn't see this comment for a while!

the colors are:
Lime Green
Turquois Blue
Butterscotch orange
Chocolate Brown

p.s. the only one I wasn't perfectly pleased with was the chocolate brown...its seems to have a hint of purple in certain may want to try the sienna brown or espresso brown.