May 8, 2012

Tiny Two Wheelers and other things

Well, I dare say I'm back on an upswing and hope to stay here.  My energy seems to be returning very, very slowly after two weeks on my iron.  I had an OB appointment yesterday and my wonderful midwife confirmed that the baby is now head down, right on cue, and all the cramping and backpain is from said transition.  And those seem to be easing now that we're settling into this new normal.  And my weight gain has slowed...for now so I'm quite happy with where I'm at!

I think it was just sheer determination that made me get going painting Josiah's room.  It's a staggaringly slow pace, but it's going.  Of course I decided to do two walls one color and two walls another...which means more work.  I've got all four coats of edging done and one coat of brown rolled.  One coat of brown to roll and two coats of green and a birch tree and owl to paint and we'll be good as gold.  Sheesh.  What was I thinking!?  Pictures for sure to come when it's all said and done!

And last but certainly not least.  It's high time for a little update and video of our darling first born.  I cannot believe how grown up she is.  She's developing quite a sassy (mostly a good kind of sassy, sometimes spilling into the bad kind of sassy) funny little love.  She's just so smart.  The huge vocabulary words and phrases that she uses...and uses correctly...constantly crack us up.  She has a way of tilting her head to the side and down while looking up at you with her eyes and stating things so cutely and matter of factly that it's forever making Jason and I giggle.  One of my favorite things right now is family devotion time.  We read from her story Bible each night after dinner while eating dessert.  Sometimes Jason and I forget...but she ALWAYS reminds us.  And she alwasy begs for another story after the first one. 

I think I always knew she'd be great at memorization.  And boy oh boy is she!  So during this family devotion time we're starting to memorize short Bible verses.  The frist one she learned is "Never tire of doing what is right" 2 thessalonians 3:13.  She says, "Never get tired of doing the thing that is right. 3:13."  Pretty darn good!  Now we're working on, "Jesus said, I will be with you always..." Matthew 28:20.  It brings such joy to our hearts!  It also brings us such joy when she comes out of Sunday school and can tell us what she learned on the ride home.  This week she said, "I learned that God takes care of the flowers and the birds."  And sure enough, her papers and coloring were from Matthew 6.

This year is the year of the bike.  She mastered her tricycle and then Jason and I went a little overboard on Easter and got her her first two wheeler!  It's so hard with her birthday and Christmas being so close together.  I don't want to wait for those times to get her a big present.  And although this is huge to her, I was really suprised at how easy a 12" two wheeler with training wheels is on the wallet :)  So with out further ado, enjoy these videos of her reciting her memory verse and riding her trike and two wheeler.  (Don't worry, she bounces right back from the fall off the trike :)

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