May 26, 2012

The Dump

I had the good fortune to grow up in a town that had a dump with a free for the taking shack...ahem, excuse me...a "Transfer Station" with a "Second Chance Shop".  And holy hanna let me tell you, I am SOME excited that the town we live in now has the same thing!  So what if my taxes are sky high and I still have to haul my own smelly trash to the dump in the back of my minivan...the "Second Chance Shop" makes up for it all.

So this morning we had a little family time whilst running errands and hitting up some yardsales (PS: remind me to ALWAYS yardsale wasn't the 3 year old that was a pain in the was the 33 year old.  Oooo boy!). 

First stop, the dump...I mean, "transfer station".  I always take a peek in the second chance shop and Ella learns quickly.  "Can we find something for me mom?" she called from the back seat.  I told her, "Only if we find something we NEED."

Welp.  We walked through the door and THIS is what lie directly in front of us:
Oh there was no going back.  How do you say "no" to this!?  Oh, you can't tell what THIS is?  It's one million GIANT lego like pieces that, put together, build a PRINCESS CASTLE!...Complete with windows and flags!  And thus my definition of "need" has clearlry expanded to mean things that are pink,purple and princess themed...that we would never in one million years buy for ourselves....that will take up the entire square footage of our playroom.  Oh but how I love to get things for my daughter.  And so now, they lie in our yard, waiting to be washed by one very eager little girl when she gets up from rest time!

I've clearly lost my mind this memorial day weekend because I also let her bring home THIS:
...And whipped up and attached a fabric strap so that (in true Calliou fashion) she can "Be in a marching band."  I am SO gonna regret this one.  But kids are only kids once...and so I shall embrace the chaos.

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Cheryl said...

I love your transfer station finds! You must post an after picture so people can see the cool Princess castle that those blocks made.