Jun 11, 2012

Good Men

I am convinced that Good men are becoming harder and harder to find these days.  But just in case you haven't seen one lately...here's a picture of one.  The very definition perhaps.
I'm blessed to be surrounded my so many good men in my group of friends and I'm SOOOO thankful that one of 'em is mine.  Of course it's not by completey by chance that I caught this one (pun intended).  I had high standards and some non-negotiables.  But God saw to it that he thought I was pretty cute too :)  And almost 12 years after meeting Jason, I find myself continually surprised by JUST how good he is.  You'd think it not come as a suprise each time anymore....guess I'm just slow to learn...or he just keeps getting better with age :)

In fact, this past week he spoke love to me in pretty much EVERY single one of my love languages.  He brought home suprise flowers Friday.  He took care of Ella while I had dinner with a friend and as I was heading out the door he told me to enjoy myself, take my time and not feel the need to rush home... and "oh by the way why don't you go shopping for yourself, here's a little money to spend".  If that's not enough, when I returned home, the dishes were done and he had swept AND mopped the entire downstairs!  OH. MY. GOSH.  Nothing hotter.  There I said it. 

Another recent example...  I've always had a really hard time when Jason goes away for weekends, weeks, months.  It's true I often lose him to fishing or work trips.  It's the nights that get me.  I have such a hard time sleeping, worrying about safety and such.  And no sleep at night makes for REALLY long days!  Recently some things have happened with family members that have just unsettled me even more...to the point where I was having trouble sleeping even when Jason was right by my side.  He came home from work the next day and told me he'd set up a meeting to see about getting a security system installed.  Days later the rep came out and Jason basically said, "Where do I sign," without a second thought.

I hemmed and hawed about the money (which wasn't as bad as I'd thought actually) and tried to convince him (and myself) that I could just suck it up.  I asked him if he thought we needed it and if it would give him peace of mind.  I knew he was doing this JUST for me.  His response is what blessed my soul.  He imparted more love to me in a few sentences than a lifetime of expensive gifts ever could.  He told me that he didn't need it for himself, but he needed it for me.  He told me that the safety of his family has no price tag and that HE would sleep better at night and rest easy when he was away knowing that I felt safe and I had peace of mind.

Men (not that any read my blog) take notice!  This is the heart of a good man.  A real man.  A man truly living out these verses:  "Husbands, love your wifes, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her....In this same way husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies.  He who loves his wife loves himself."  Ephesians 5:25,28  

Speaking of my hubby going away.  He recently went on his "last hurrah" long fishing trip before the babe arrives. He loves to fish the pristine, catch and release only, bike two miles on a dirt road to get to, waters of Rangely.  So he went up for a few days.  And...he'll hate me for this...but while I'm tooting his horn about other things...I might as well go ahead and do it about fishing too.  Hardly anyone else was able to catch much of anything....except for him.  He's perfected this certain type of fly-fishing and he caught tons and tons of fish...nice ones too.  At one point he said he was catching fish non-stop for two hours and actually decided to stop because he needed a break.  MY husband needing a break from fishing is a hard thing to imagine!  Here are some of the fishies.  And HERE is a link to his blog for the more technical fishy folk.

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Anonymous said...

YAY for tooting your husbands horn. :) I love it when wives brag about their husbands...

I caught a good one too (again, not entirely due to chance. ;p), though I'm pretty sure I don't appreciate it as much as I ought.