Jun 12, 2012


Ella started gymnastics about 5 months ago.   She's in a "shining stars" toddler class where I go with her.  She had no clue at the begining and now has learned so much and is really great!  She does a summersault/no handed flip into bed every night now :)

Tonight was the culmination of her classes...the gymnastics show.  Never in a million years did I think she'd be up for strutting her stuff in front of a gazillion people...but she kept insisting she wanted to partake.  And partake she did.  She was FIRST and she did awesome!  We celebrated with Panera and ice cream after and have one tuckered little girl getting to sleep late for at least the third time this week.  Oy!  It was worth it.
Here's what she looked like BEFORE we left for the show.  She's sporting a little leotard outfit borrowed from a friend and she even let me put her hair in pig tails.  This is her "TADA" pose.  So awesome.

By the time we drove to the gym the pig tails were gonners.  And before the show started she was having nothing to do with the cute little outfit.  Knowing my daughter, I brought her tri-star gymnastics T-shirt and a pair of pink shorts.  So she looked NOTHING like these pictures whilst strutting her stuff...but man was she still adorable!

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