Jun 20, 2012

Crazy For Cloth!

Look what came in the mail today!!!

Ohmygoodness my shipment of cloth diapers and accessories arrived today and I am SO EXCITED!  It's been a rough weekorso (I'll blog on that when I'm ready) and I really needed this. 

Back when we first had Ella I blogged all about the cloth prefolds and wraps we were using.  I did all the research and found the best deals.  Well, I've been at it again!

I'm still going to use the un-dyed Indian prefolds with prowrap covers and snappi fasteners around the house and especially for the first few months.  But then...I'm upgrading baby!

Once again, I'll share the BEST deal I've found. 
See that picture?  It contains 20 OS (one size) AIO (all-in-one) pocket diapers, 20 three layer microfiber inserts, 10 three layer bamboo inserts, and two wet bags with double zippered pockets.  And it's all BRAND NEW.   If you know anything about cloth you probably think I paid a FORTUNE for that stash.  Nopers.  Wanna know what I paid? 
Mmmm Hmmm that's right. 

Where'd I get 'em?
Judge me if you will, it's a foreign company.  But I can't afford the other stuff.  Afraid it's not as high a quality?  I was too.  So I researched and asked and researched and researched and by all accounts people like them as well as if not BETTER than pricey brands like fuzzibunz, bum genius etc.  Many people who say they've used both say that these actually hold up BETTER.  Whoah!

So here's the scoop. 
-The wet bags are like $4.59 each.
-The diapers are anywhere from $5-$9 a piece depending on the kind & print you get. 
-The more you order, the cheaper they get.  I ordered 20 so they came in at $4.20 a piece!  And did I mention that they each come with one microfiber insert?
-You have to order 20 pcs or more to get free shipping, or else shipping is way high.  

And lastly, let's review, lest you forgot from my post over three years ago, ALL the reasons to cloth diaper.
#1)  Say GOOD-BYE to poop blow outs.  Seriously.
#2)  Less chemicals on yo baby.
#3)  More breathable, less diaper rashes.
#4)  Save a TON O MONEY! 
(disposables for 3 years $2,500-$4,000 depending on what diapers you buy and how much you change your babe)
(cloth, an average of $900 and that's including the cost of doing three loads of diapers a week.  I know I spent WAY less than that for the diapers and accessories alone for TWO babies...and I doubt I'd come close to that even with washing!)
#5) SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT (did you know it's estimated that it takes 250-500 years - infinity for ONE disposable diaper to bio-degrade!  Many sources say that the plastic parts of diapers will never biodegrade.  And we don't even really know, because no one has ever seen it happen!  Think of how many babies....how many diapers....are going into landfills!!!  It's estimated that 18-20 billion enter landfills EACH YEAR in the US alone!)

Your Welcome! 


Cheryl said...

What a great deal!

Shar5309 said...

I'm curious Sarah how these diapers are working out for you? I too have been using prefolds & covers with Braden, but the covers are losing their waterproofing capabilities. I am looking into upgrading, but the name brands are so expensive!!

Sarah said...

I am a month in and REALLY loving them! I have two other friends who have now ordered them and love them too. If you can spring for the double gussetted ones with color snaps I think they'd be even one step up. I'll prob. order 10 or so of those later.

I just got some new covers for my prefolds that I LOVE. Econobum, one size, snap closure. I went to www.squishytushy.com and they are 7.95 a piece there. But I'd say 6 of them would do you from birth to potty because they are one size and adjust quite nicely.