Jun 27, 2012


My due date is in two weeks and HO-LY Hannah!  The nesting has hit hard and heavy...and I'm LOVING it!  I'm a little crazy about organization anyway so I think these preggo hormones just kick it into absolute insanity!  Actually, my hubby and I are the dynamic duo of organizing.  He finished the bathroom linnen closet and put up all the extra shelving I've been needing in the upstairs closets and then I went to town. 

Between yesterday and today I have organized:
Ella's crafts
Ella's learning supplies
Tupperware cupboard
Top of Fridge
Mail Center counter
The pantry
Two junk drawers
The linnen closet
Josiah's closet
Ella's closet
Guest/office closet
Ella's play rooom
Ella's toy baskets downstairs
I have numerous bags o goodies to hand off to friends and family
I made a big ol' run to goodwill (where I incidentally found a great pair of chacos for $6!)
And I've totally kept up with laundry more than I ever usually do.
Remember the show FRIENDS?  Well I AM Monica.  Remember how she had that ONE closet that was a total disaster and it was her deep dark secret and she wouldn't let anyone open it?  Well I've got one too.  It's not a deep dark secret but it does haunt me. 

Even with this big old house, we don't have a basement or garage.  So one of our 6 bedrooms is utilized as storage and let me just say....it is a DISASTER AREA.  It is my off season and decoration storage, my toy rotation storage, my clothes the kids have yet to grown into storage, my need to Ebay or craigslist storage, my holding tank for clothes to be handed down to others, my holding tank for all the baby supplies from Ella that have been sitting for this long awaited second.  Someday....someday.  But not today...or anytime soon really. 

I'm feeling good right now.

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Cheryl said...

Where are the pictures to show all this fabulousness? =) I want to see the finished linen closet, etc. I know, I know, just come over, huh?