Sep 19, 2011

Praising God

I am praising God for His answer to prayers.

My Aunt Karen has always been a very strong woman, but lately she's been showing just how strong she is!

Just a short time ago she was in the ICU
Just a short time ago she was fighting infections.
Just a short time ago she was taken off of sedation.
Just a short time ago she could only blink or slightly squeeze hands.

She has moved out of the hospital into a rehab facility.
She is able to sit up in a wheelchair for extended periods of time (an hour or two)
She is moving her left leg (which is the side most affected by the anurism in the right side of her brain)
She is smiling.
She is nodding her head.
She pulled my uncle in with one arm for a hug and a kiss.
She's made her clucking noises for her grandson.
She whispered "Tom" (her husbands name)!!!

Make no mistake about it. She will continue to amaze, but this is still a long road for her and her family. So please continue to pray for God's strength, peace, rest and joy for all of them!


Christine M. said...

\o/ praising with you

Cheryl said...

Isn't it wonderful! I am so excited over every new little thing she accomplishes. Praying every day!