Sep 3, 2011

Specifically Answered Prayers!!!

My heart is jumping with joy this morning as I've read about little Jude's road and I just had to share with those of my friends that are following his family's journey and praying along with me!

Prayers are being answered. Specifically. AND NUMEROUSLY!

After having to continue to wait for his heart surgery because of his poor kidney function and seeping from his incision from neurosurgery, he underwent a scary transfer back to the hospital where he had his neurosurgery. They did another procedure. And it was successful!

  • Today, his creatine level is 0.5...way lower...way great...specific answer to prayer.

  • His x-ray of his lungs look great! called it "best in the PICU" specific answer to prayer for collapsed lung.

  • The neurosurgeon is "wonderfully happy" upon seeing his CT scan two weeks after surgery.

  • The neurosurgeon called Jude a fighter. But we already knew that didn't we!?

Keep the Prayers a Comin'!!!

And go HERE to read how Brandon and Mandy's 50 things they're grateful for today. Such a testimony and encouragement to me to see how they are living and relying on God through this all!

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