Sep 22, 2011

Ella Bella

I think it's time for a little light-hearted, cuteness on this here blog.
Isn't this a classic? Riding a scooter with underwear on head. She did it all by herself. It was a successful bedtime stall as it got mom and dad laughing and held off bedtime until mom could snap a few pictures!

This is Ella, clearly tickled pink with herself for setting up this little scene.
Here we have the baby asleep on her bed, with her monkey clock that tells her when she can wake up, and the other thing in here (you can't see it in this photo) is the card she got from Nanny. Now, Nanny also sent her a lovely book, but she's hasn't given a second thought to that book. She carries this card, in it's envelope everywhere, frequently taking it out to read it. It goes in her purse, her tent, her mailbox, and obviously her baby's bedroom. This is Ella covering a letter "A" with playdough. Man, she's got a great attention span, stays on task, and does really well! We also glued Acorns on a letter A. (I fear this is the only smile we'll get at ther three year photos!) Okay, I just HAVE to show this because I think it's amazing! I had her do a pin push craft over the letter A and an apple. I showed her how on the lower left of the A and the stem and upper left of the apple and then just let her at coaching, no correcting, I just typed an email while she did it on the carpeted floor next to me. I was expecting pin holes randomly all over the paper and this is what she did!!! And this is a cute new outfit! I love the leggings and tutu look and so does she. She helped pick this out and wore it to one of our library times. She also used to have pig tails in her hair...SO ADORABLE, but those only last so long, and she only stands still for pictures when bribed! This adorable face? Yeah, it's just her eyeing where she was going to tear off to in the next second!

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Diane said...

She is getting so big..I miss her so much! After reading this, I am definately sending her another card. Please tell her Nanny loves her and cannot wait to play with her!!