Sep 13, 2011

No Sew ABC (or anything really) banner!

Want a super cute banner but hate the idea of sewing seams and changing threads millions of times? Me too! So here's my no sew banner!

  • Here's what you'll need

  • enough fabric for 26 flags (9"x11" from my quilting mama)

  • Felt for 26 letters (I bought one pack of 14 pieces of felt at the $ store and this worked great, using one sheet for two different letters)

  • Pinking sheers so edges won't fray. (free from my mama!)

  • glue gun and glue sticks (mini with glue sticks just $5 from walmart)

  • aprox 26 feet of clothesline (I got a cute green and white one that's 60ft at the $ store!)
Using your pinking sheers so the unsewn edges won't fray, cut out 26 triangles 9 inches wide x 11 inches long. Cut all your letters out of felt and then use your glue gun to secure them onto the triangles. (I made my felt into 4 inch wide and 5 inch long pieces. I then used a ruler and a pen to freehand the letters and cut them out.) See look how pretty!Now take your clothesline...Wrap the top edge of each triangle around the clothesline and use the glue gun to secure the fabric back to itself and onto the clothesline. VOILA! I only have one letter on my banner, because we're putting one on each week as we learn them. When we go through them all, maybe I'll come back and put a picture up of the completed banner!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Beautiful! You whipped those up in a jiffy! By the way, I collected acorns for Ella on my walk this morning. Thought you maybe could do a craft with them.