Oct 4, 2009

The Youth Have Spoken.....and I am old people.

So there I was at my local Wal-mart, thrilled that I had found a fly-away cardigan for just a little under my budget, and pondering weather to buy black or gray. I was thinking that this is perhaps the trendiest piece of clothing I will own in a few short minutes and feeling rather hip....when up walked a reality check in the form of a teenage girl.

Her mother pointed to the black cardigan that I had been pondering and said to her daughter, "How 'bout that one? It's cheap and it's black."

I cheerfully passed the black one over as it was the last one and said, "Oh, here you go. I decided on the gray."

The mom smiled and thanked me, I smiled back, and the teenage daughter? Well, she jutted her hip out to the side, put her hand on said jutted out hip, cocked her head to one side, wrinkled her face in disgust and said, "MooOOOoooom," in that long, whiney, drawn out teenage kind of way, "that looks likes something OLD people wear! I'm NOT wearing that!"

And I just busted out laughing! At the hilarity of it all and also wondering if I had ever been that rude in my bratty teenage years!?


Amy said...

The best part of that story is the fact that you were feeling super trendy while shopping at WalMart.
Believe-you-me, I can relate...but it's still super funny.

Cheryl said...

That's so funny! Sorry, should I not be laughing? :-) And No Comment on if you were ever rude in your bratty teen-age years. :P

Krissy said...

Made me laugh!!