Oct 1, 2009

Finding My Niche

Sure our town may be nicknamed the armpit of it's county. So, it has the highest % of people on welfare in the county and I'm willing to bet the highest unemployment rate too. Yeah, we may have had those little hoodlums terrorizing the street a while back, but a good scare from the cops has nipped that in the butt.

Despite all of those things this little town is beginning to grow on me. The downtown revitalization committee puts on fabulous little festivals each season (the pumpkins being hurled from planes into the lake WAS as awesome as it sounds!!! A post on that one to come...). There are a few cute little parks scattered about. The libraries have great kids programs. Any store you could want is right near. Our awesome church is right in town. Our neighborhood is pretty cute and there are many moms and children.

It's taken a bit, but I'm beginning to feel like I'm finding my niche. I'm co-leading a discussion table at our church's Wednesday morning women's Bible study that has 63 ladies in attendance! We're doing Beth Moore's study on Breaking Free. Thursday morning's I go to "Baby Rhyme Time" at the library. Friday morning's I go to Mousam Valley Mom's group. And wednesday nights Jason and I attend a small home group with people from our church. And I just got a job working per diem with adults in group homes! Here's the awesome agency I'll be working for!

I continue to build a relationship with my duplex neighbor, and the other day she slipped a note in my door saying she wanted to come to church with me! She came to Rhyme time with me today and is coming with me to the Mom's group tomorrow also.

Today I met two other stay at home mommy's at Rhyme Time and invited them to the mom's group as well. They were both so grateful. One said she knew no one in the area and would love to come. The other said she really needs some time with other adults and moms. She and I exchanged e-mails. She has a nine month old little boy and we're hoping to get together for play dates!

My across the street neighbor and I have really hit it off. We're like two peas in a pod. From our views on the neighborhood happenings, to natural birth, to limited vaccinations to organic foods! She's a believer and she has a two year old and a 6 month old.

I continue to grow the relationships with people down here that I knew from before. Some go to our church and those that don't I try to go visit every now and again. We've found a few good hiking spots already. Jason continues to scout the fishing scene but he declared with excitement when I got home from my moms, "I think I've found the best hunting spot EVER!" Yay! Fill our freezer babe! I've ventured on over into New Hampshire, where most people down here do their shopping and I already feel like I totally know my way around Southern Maine and New Hampshire.

I prayed much in advance that God would put us exactly where he wanted us, that he would help me to find my place and purpose here, and that he would bring meaningful relationships and other moms into my life. Wow has He blessed me with all of those things!


Krissy said...

I am so GLAD for you!! Feeling at home is so important.
Plus I have to say I am little jealous, first a water skiing expo and now flying pumpkins!! I wish my town had things like that.
Seriously, glad you are finding you niche

Isobel Rising said...

Hey Sarah,
Your across the street neighbor Lindsay is my friend from college. I went to visit her recently and she was talking about Sarah across the street who had a daughter named Ella. I said "I know her! We went to high school together!" A very small world. Glad to hear that life in Sanford is working out for you.