Oct 26, 2009

Bab Leg Warmer Tutorial

(A tutorial has been demanded and the ransom for said tutorial has been paid) Man alive this is a test of my technical writing skills! Here goes...

1) Begin with a knee high sock of your choice (Available for darn cheap at your friendly local Walmart)

2) Cut out the heel and the toe of the sock as shown below. Discard heel and toe sections.
3) Leave the leg part of the sock as is. Of the remaining foot part of the sock cut a 2" wide section as shown below.
3) Cut a 1/2" away from this 2" section as shown below. Discard the 1/2" section you cut off. The remaining piece we will call the cuff piece.

4) Turn right sides of cuff piece together and surge edge.

5) Now fold wrong sides together so that you have a tube cuff looking like this.

6) Place the cuff around the lower portion of the leg part of your sock so that the finished edge of the tube is pointed toward the top of the sock and your three raw edges line up at the bottom as shown below.
7) Now sew the three raw edges together. I recommend sewing around once with a straight stitch and then going around once more surging the edges.

8) Now flip the cuff down and there you have it! Finished baby leg warmer!!!

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Amy said...

Excellent. A++. Now we can be friends again.