Oct 27, 2009

A Few Points Of Common Sense Baby Etiquette

Based on my experiences while running errands yesterday, I have a few things to say to the world.

#1) I know my child has no hair. BUT...if she is wearing a cream shirt with pink hearts, a pink and purple striped sweater, jeans with pink and purple flowers and hearts embroidered on them and pink robeez and you STILL say, "Aren't you a good little boy!?"....then you have issues! C'mon people....it's not like I'm making it hard to figure out with an ambiguous wardrobe!

#2) If my incredibly adorable she/he is displaying her/his magnificent, new found coordination and social skills by smiling from ear to ear and waving at you in line at the post office...you DARN well better wave back! Dude! Who doesn't wave back to the cutest she/he in the world!?

#3) Do not stare at me like I have two heads when I turn everyday activities into learning opportunities for my adorable she/he. Yup, I tell her the name of every purchase as I put it in the cart. Mmm Hmm, I count the bananas, repeat the word several times and tell her they're yellow. Sure, I give her a piece of paper and ask her what we need next on the grocery list. And yes, I've even been known to sing little ditty's, make the cart go a little faster for a second, or bounce up and down as we make our way through the store. Yup, I encourage social interaction while being bored waiting in a line. Yeah, I let my kid play with the stamps and attempt to put them on the letters. And of course I let her try to put each letter through the mail slot...don't worry I never hold up any lines. I'm molding what is already one sharp little mind. It's called GOOD PARENTING. LEARN HOW TO DO IT!!!

That is all...for now.


Jessica said...

AMEN! I could not agree more Sarah! I did this with Ethan at Walmart the other day and I'm sure that I got some looks! But he loved putting things into the cart!

Joe Cousins said...

The first one cracked me up because we had the same thing happen a couple of times with Lily-when she was obviously dressed like a girl. And come on- our girls really did/do look like girls even without hair!

Cheryl said...

I can just picture the two of you grocery shopping together. It sounds like fun! And at least you are talking to SOMEONE. I get looks sometimes because the person I'm talking to as I grocery shop is ME! :-)

Sarah said...

Oh I totally talk to myself while grocery shopping when I'm without Ella! I'm all, "Do I want seedless grapes? I don't know...they're kind of pricey, maybe I'll go with these ones on sale over here etc. etc."

Esther said...

SO true! I had a very similar experience in the grocery store yesterday - it boggles my mind how someone can NOT smile at an adorable, smiling, waving little he/she! : ) lol. Anyway, we should write a book with all of our "tips" for the people who lack common sense out there.