Oct 18, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Drop

So here is the long overdue post about the Harvest Daze 2009!I baked this FABULOUS apple pie and entered it into the contest with the lure that if I grabbed first place I'd get a gift certificate, and if I nabbed second or third I'd get a ribbon. Well, I did not not win. But then they had the gall to NOT announce the 2nd and 3rd place and I saw no ribbons. The gall! Ella and Daddy hanging out waiting to watch the great pumpkin drop. The target for the pumpkin drop. And one of the many planes that buzzed ridiculously close to the lake with "pumpkin bombardiers hurling large gourdes aimed at the target below. It WAS as fabulous as it sounds. No one hit the target but a few got dangerously close! The crown oooed and ahhhed, the pumpkins splintered into millions of pieces when they hit the water and the planes were awesome. Ella and Mommy posing by the giant jack-o-lanterns. There was a pumpkin carving demonstration where a guy created this masterpiece...very cool! And last but not least...the Giant Pumpkin Rigatta. People hollow out and decorate GIANT pumpkins, then dress up and race them! The race begins! In the bottom right corner you can see the pirate takes the early lead. But guy in the green pumkin, who had quite the sea worthy vessel and a great kayaking stroke, begins to overtake the pirate! As they round the waterski jump to head back to the finish line, guy in green pumpkin is increasing his lead. (Note the tippped over pumkin...taking on water quickly. This heroic individual did not give up. He swam the entire race pushing his capcized pumkin in front of him the whole way!!!) And finally, guy in green pumpkin pulls away, leaving his closest competition (the pirate) in his dust!


Krissy and Jason said...

You have GOT to let me know when that goes on next year. It sounds totally wicked! I also want to check out that waterskiing show. Are you going to visit Pumpkinland?

Cheryl said...

Beautiful pie, very sweet picture of Jason and Ella in her hat, awesome pumpkin sculpture, and the whole day sounds like a blast!

Cheryl said...

Oh, and I forgot to say how beautiful the pie baker is, too! Also, lovely apron. ;-)