Oct 29, 2009

New Developments (Of the FUN variety)

While Ella's new developments may have caused some disruption to her normal nap routine, she certainly is exploding with newness and it is so fun to watch! I'm happy to say the battle for nap time today was MUCH less drawn out. It doesn't seem to take her long to realize mommy's not going to change. So that's good. Here are fun new things she's doing!

Waving. She does this consistently, with pretty much anyone. Sometimes initiates it on her own, usually you have to wave at her first. It's great.

Signing. So great that 6 months of consistently saying, signing and make her hands sign it is finally paying off! She understands when I sign no, more, all done, bath, sleep, and eat. She signs "more" with great consistency and fervor. She initiates it. She points to what she wants and then signs it. Yesterday she signed "please" copying me but that was a one time occurrence thus far.

Clapping. She was always enamored when I clapped and she just figured out how to do it herself. Adorable!!!

Answering the phone. She's loved toy phones for a long time. I've showed her how to hold it up to her ear and say hello enough times that it's rubbing off. I'll make her toy phone ring and say, "hello!" and she smiles and puts it up to her ear!

Talking. In addition to babbling up a storm and making all sorts of joyful squeels and such, she is starting to attempt words. She says "dada" with the most consistancy but nothing is super consistant yet. She's definitely trying to repeat words that we say all the time. We know when she's saying "dada" and "doggie" and "kitty". It amazes me.

Putting things down her toy slide.
She's figured out how to make her animals and balls go down her twisty toy slide and finds much pride in it. She also tries to put EVERY other object down it too...like her phone, yogurt container, teether, stuffed animals and so on. Hilarious!

Dancin'. She continues to bust out her moves to music when the mood strikes her. Today I had her in the cart at the dollar store and she was just a boppin' and wigglin' to the music playing in the store the whole time we shopped. Beyond cute!

Giving Hugs! I knew I forgot something! This one is the absolute best. She's never been super snugly and it's still a chore to get her to give us kisses but she'll consistently give us hugs now! In fact, when I say, "Give hugs?" she'll hug just about anything...the dog, a toy, a stuff animal, the couch...It's the best!


anxiousknitter said...

Enjoy these times, they are SO precious! We noted everything down for a while and I've even saved the first flowers Nate picked for me! I'm so happy you are having fun!

Cheryl said...

Oh, goodie! New pictures. It's so great, all the new things she is doing these days. I need an Ella hug!

Cheryl said...

I love all of the pictures, but keep coming back to that middle one with Ella and Hunter. It is so great. They both look like they're thinking really hard. You can just about hear them. Hunter: Is she gonna throw the ball? Does she even KNOW how to throw the ball? I HOPE she throws that ball soon, or at least drops it! Ella: Hmmmm.... should I put this in my mouth? Probably tastes like dog slobber. But I know Hunter wants it. What to do, what to do? :-) Or something like that. Maybe you should have a captions contest!