Dec 19, 2008

So the Question is....Can Mommies EVER shower?

Jason is back to work. My munchkin is fast asleep, tightly by my side in the wonderful ring sling I glad she likes it. I've napped for a few hours already as I had to PROMISE my husband I would do. So I thought I'd get a little input from you all on a recent situation.

Yesterday was my first day home alone with Ella. Somewhere mid-morning she had nursed and was fast asleep. I laid her in her pack n' play in the living room and grabbed myself a quick shower. All was well in the world.

Later, as Jason and I were recounting our days for each other, this whole shower bit was obviously mentioned but it was brief part of my day and I was about to skip on ahead when Jason interrupted:

Jason: "Is that okay?"
Sarah: "Is what okay?"
Jason: "Taking a shower?"
Sarah: "Yes, yes it is. I try to do it a lot in my life."
Jason: "No, I mean taking a shower and leaving her without anyone watching her."
Sarah: "Well, I was there. We leave her in her pack n' play to sleep all the time."
Jason: "Yeah, but you can hear her. In the shower you can't hear her."
Sarah: "Well I only took a really quick one. I didn't think about it."
Jason: "Maybe it's fine. I don't know."
Sarah: "Well then how will I ever shower? Do mom's just not shower?"
Jason: "I don't know. I remember your Aunt talking about never getting a shower anymore (Sorry for lettin' that out of the bag Kirsten :)"
Sarah: "Yeah, but I think that she was saying that just 'cause she was so busy. She had two at that point."
Jason: "Yeah, I don't know. Maybe you should call people. Call other people and see what they do. Will you call people?"

First of all, SO adorable that he is so cautious about our little one. Shocking how a baby can change you as this conversation flowed out of a man that is one of the most laid back I know!

So yes, I called people and got some advise. And today I put her in her boppy swing in the bathroom while I showered so I could peek out at her the whole time. All is well with the world.

But...I would like to hear from all you mommies out there on this topic...So tell me, what do you do about showering!?


Amy said...

I used to shower when James was napping.

I mean we sleep when they sleep, right?

Brad and Rebecca said...

Addison slept in her carseat for like 5 months and so i'd put it in the doorway of the shower...but really it's not necessary to have an eye on them all the time. sweet hubby you have...

Cheryl said...

Glad you thought of the swing. I was going to suggest putting her in the car seat thingee and bring her in the bathroom with you. You could also put her to sleep in her big crib, close the bedroom doors so the animals won't bother her, and turn on the baby monitor (take the other half in the bathroom with you). OR... you could shower in Jason's bathroom and leave the door open between her room and the bathroom,shutting the other doors. It was a long time ago, but I think I tried to get a shower when you girls were napping.

Cheryl said...

Or I could come over and watch her every day while you shower! :-)

Diane said...

I always waited to shower when the baby was sleeping. It was a short, quick shower. Put the baby down, and then...quick jump in the shower before they wake up.

meaningfulalbums said...

I usually shower when Kirsten is asleep, too, or when Scott is home. If she's asleep, I do have a monitor near her Pack-n-play and I have the other monitor in the bathroom so I can hear her.
It is very cute how concerned our hubbies get about our little ones! I thought it was cute when Jason asked if you'd be able to hear her when you put her down the other night when I was there.

Life With My Boys..... said...

That's usually when I go next door to get my groceries....while the boys are napping. JUST KIDDING!!! Big joke.

Hey - open invite to come and hang with us girlies and our bebes each week. It can be crazy sometimes with many (okay every) incomplete conversation....but it's fun!

shannon said...

Can I just say how honored I am to be one of your "people?" hee hee Jason is the glad I don't have the only super-protective, mushball man! Great to see your little family today.