Dec 4, 2008

Just Call Her Crash

"Well, you can nick name her crash," the doctor said. "Everything is fine, she's probably just wondering why the roller coaster ride is over."

These were soothing words to hear after my impromptu mid-week check-up. You see I was in a car accident on Wednesday. I was driving my agency van with two clients. We were at an intersection and the light was green but traffic was at a complete standstill and the car in front of me was halfway blocking the intersection. So, like the good driver I am, I stopped at the stop line for the intersection and was sitting there waiting for the traffic to move forward and *BAM*. Didn't even see it coming, because of the force of the impact and the fact that there were no screeching break sounds so I'm thinking the girl never even touched her breaks. She was like 18 and was all "The light was green, I thought they were going," to the police officer. Needless to say the officer listed it as totally her fault.

The clients were a little shaken up and we all had some soreness from the good jolting but everyone was fine. The EMT's checked us all over and everything. I knew I was fine and knew Ella was fine but the people at my work were TOTALLY freaking because I'm so pregnant and they made me call my doctor and go get checked out and then go home. Doc said I was fine and we listened to Ella's heartbeat which was pumpin' strong. I'm so glad God made the uterus to be such a good air bag!

And now it's really funny because the insurance people are all worried and I think they think I'm gonna sue them, and they won't settle the claim until I have the baby and make sure she's like not deformed or anything. Yeah, they're making quite the big deal out of it! Anyhoo, that was my excitement for yesterday and even after all of that....I'm still not in flippin' labor!


Jessica said...

I am soooo glad you are ok! Well, Ella is probably going to love adventure!!! Keep us posted on your progress :o)

Amy said...

Whoa. I'm SOOOO glad that you and Ella are okay. Phew.
But man...labor would have been a bonus at least

meaningfulalbums said...

Wow girl I am glad you are okay. I swear drivers get stupider by the day! Anyway, we're praying that Ella starts getting things moving down there very soon! : )

Cheryl said...

I like how you started by telling me, "I'm fine, but...". Nothing gets a Mom's heart racing like such a statement! I'm so thrilled you and baby Ella are OK. Now I would be even more thrilled if she decided to come out someday. :-)

Hey, is that the actual damage or a generic car crash photo?

Sarah said...

That is not the actual damage. That's just some photo I got online

Sarah said...
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