Dec 1, 2008

Gettin' a Tree!

We went to our friend's tree farm on Sunday and got our Christmas Tree. It was fun because we went with two other couples and then went back to one of their houses and had a nice relaxing time with some yummy pecan pie and hot bevs!
Look at this sweet action shot I got just as the tree was toppling :)Here's the whole gang. We have three stages of mommy-hood here. There's us, with bun still in the oven (which you totally can't tell when covered by my puffy jacket!) Scott and Esther with their 4 week old (who is hiding inside a gorgeous baby sling which, incidentally, I made :) And Peter and Shannon with their 5 month old and two year old. And very cool because all three of us have the same midwife and I've been able to pick their brains about pregnancy, natural childbirth and mommy-hood all along the way!

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Cheryl said...

That's a great group photo of all you young families! Are you guys in the manger? Hey, if we had a Christmas pagent at church, you could play Mary and have the baby right there! You know, realistic live action... no? :-)