Dec 6, 2008

I'm Sick!

Yup, somehow I managed to stay quite healthy through my entire pregnancy but two days before my due date I fall ill. Full blown cold nastiness.

I have an attractive hacking cough that sounds like I'm an 80 year old smoker that's been puffin' away since I was 13. My nose is somehow constantly running and yet I cannot breath through it which makes for and awesome chainsaw snore that drives my husband to the couch and wakes me up 50 times a night. If you called me on the phone you might be able to decipher a few words through my pitiful hoarse squeekiness. And I'm sure my husband will attest to the fact that I'm just about as fun to be around as a pissed off polar bear protecting her young!

However, I shall choose to look at the silver lining. The way I see it, God knew I was going to get sick and that is why Ella has not arrived yet. He knew that instead of passing on this lovely sickness to my newborn, He would keep her inside to receive my immunity and then bring her into the world stronger with a healthy, happy mommy! And He sure as heck knew that a cranky, sleep deprived, miserable Sarah trying to give birth naturally would be good for NO ONE involved!

So I'm sure that as soon as I start feeling up to par I'll pop this baby right out!

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