Dec 15, 2008

Signs You've Chosen the Right Doctor

So, Ella had her first check up today. She's perfect and gaining weight like a champ, she's 8lbs on the nose now! Anyhoo, I was SO EXTATIC about our first visit and so happy with the doctor we chose! His name is Jack Forbush and he is from our church, it's his own family practice and here's the website so you can check it out!

The first thing that greeted us when we walked through the door (besides the beautifully decorated office and pictures of Jack and his family) was his black lab named Zeek. Then we went up to the desk to check in and were greeted by a super friendly receptionist who said, "We have something for you," and proceeded to turn around and whip out THESE!The receptionist oohed and ahhed over Ella as did the nurse. And the word "perfect" was used multiple times :). Then we saw Jack and he checked her all over and took time to answer all of our questions and was very informative. We also talked about vaccines and he is on the EXACT same page we are so that was huge as well. Ella needed to feed again before we left and he told us to stay in the room and take as long as we needed. It was just the BEST experience I have ever had at a doctors office! Love it!


Amy said...

That's the best news!!! We had a doctor a lot like that in Dallas. I loved that man like he was in my family.
We didn't get any flowers though :o)

Brad and Rebecca said...

Okay so tell me the juice on how he feels (and you feel) about vaccines. I've struggled with this one...can I request a post on that??? You look great Mrs. I-had-a-baby-yesterday-and-weigh-100lbs!!!