Jan 1, 2013

Time to play catch-up... Happy Birthday Ella!

Christmas and New Years was wonderful!  And now it's time to catch you all up on what's been going on this season.  December is a VERY busy month for us!

Ella and Jason both have Dec. birthdays. This year was the first year that we threw a themed party for Ella with friends. She requested it, and we were happy to oblige.  Ever since we showed her "The Land Before Time" this summer, she's been slightly obsessed with dinosaurs...so the theme was a no brainer.

I'd also like to state, that you can throw one kickin' little kid birthday with all the theme and all the fun and NOT break the bank!

The only thing that's troublesome is the winter birthday.  Were it summer, I'd invite more friends.  But where as the house must contain all the littles, we narrowed it down a bit.  We ended up with 6 girls plus Ella.  I must say it was just the perfect amount.

While she was sleeping, we filled her room with balloons and all these blow up dinosaurs I scored at the dollar store. (dinos were later utilized for party decorations and then each child got to take one home as a party favor!)  It had the potential to either be terrifying and scar her for life, or be a big hit.  I'm happy to report it was the latter.

The dining room...printed banner hung with clothespins, ballons, plastic table cloth and dollar store dino wrapping paper down the middle.

Gift bags (2 for $1) that Ella and I stenciled dinosaurs on.  They contained stickers, glow in the dark dino, a few plastic dinos (recovered from our "dinosaur hunt") and a punch ball balloon just for giggles!

Made this cake...its SUPRISINGLY easy!  Just google "dinosaur cake tutorial". Bought some matching paper plates, cups and cuttlery.

Just another view of the banner.
Pin the tail on the T-Rex...created by me out of one piece of poster board.  Rockin' dino hats (that none of the kids really liked or wore :) purchased from none other than....you guessed it...the dollar store.

A close of up the T-Rex.  Hey...it doesn't have to be fancy for kids to have fun.  They LOVED it!

See?  LOVED it!  In fact, Ella had me put it up in her room so she could continue playing it by herself!
We did a craft, creating a dinosaur out of paper plates, crayons and paper fasteners.  Simple, cheap, fun and a hit for ages spanning from 2 to 6.
Ella does NOT love being the center of attention.  She said she would only let everyone sing happy birthday to her if she could sit on her daddy's lap.
Food makes everything fun!
And, of course, presents.  You may as well not fight it.  Present opening always becomes a group event! :)

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Cheryl said...

You did a fantastic job of creating a perfect dinosaur birthday party for Ella! Everything was so cute, it was fun, and the kids were all so nice! Parents, too. :-)