Jan 1, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Christmas this year was a week long for us!
To accomodate everyone's schedule, so that we all could be together, we celebrated with Jason's family on the 22-23. His siblings spent the night and we had a a really fun time! It was so, so nice to wake up and all gather around the breakfast table...and then they all came to church with us...and stayed and visited long after as well!
We celebrated with my family on the 28-29. Jen and Greg came with me to get Ella up on skis for the first time this year and again it was good to just all be under one roof.

In between our two family celebrations, we went to Christmas Eve Service and brought my mom. Then we did a lovely, laid back Christmas Morning just us.

Both sides of the family came to us so there was no crazy packing and traveling with two littles. The gift opening was spread out so it wasn't so overwhelming and all consuming.  I must say, it was lovely doing it this way. It was more relazing... for the most part... and allowed us to take time to focus on Jesus...the greatest gift of all.

Here are some sweet pictures I was able to snap just before heading out to Christmas Eve Service. P.S. this also serves as Josiah's 5 month old picture.  He's rounding out at a solid 17lbs and fitting nicely into his 12month outfits that people got him.  Christmas Eve service he cut is first tooth!  Bottom right.  Now the bottom left is in too!

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Cheryl said...

Love, love, LOVE the pictures! And I loved Christmas this year, too. :-) Thanks be to God that He loves us and sent us His Son!