Jan 13, 2013

Charlee Update!

It just keeps getting better people!

She's now sporting a hot pink bandana thanks to one 4 year old that thinks everything should come in the color pink!  But I have to say, it's quite becoming on our sweet Charlee.  Sorry, I don't have a picture of that yet.
More bedtime story snuggles!
Did I mention that she's completely housebroken.  And even with all the stress she's been through she's not even come close to having one single accident in the house.

She likes to go for rides and we call her our sidekick as she gets to go along with us whenever possible. 

She's starting to respond when we call her.  She doesn't dig her heels in on the leash so much anymore.  She's a velcro dog... just sticks right to our sides.  When we're doing spazz time or playing with the ball outside, she lets you know when she's done by trotting right over, sitting down by the door and waiting patiently.  She knows it's her home!

She's so stinkin' well mannered!  Not a table or counter surfer at all.  One day I left a bit of my sausage and cheese snack on a plate in the living room while I went upstairs to get Josiah from his nap.  I just wanted to see what she would do.  I'd not have been upset a bit if she'd helped herself... but no.  Hadn't even budged from her cozy little spot when I came back down.
Another shot of what she does most of the day :)
We have gotten to hear her voice!  When she gets super excited to go out or to play, or if a stranger startles her, she'll let out the smallest little woof.  Not high pitched but just a quick, gruff little thing.  She does have a slight bit of the Golden "whine"... you know, how they're just so excited, they can't contain themselves and they sing their little high-pitched song to you.  We hear that ever so slightly every once in a while when she's super excited to go out and we're taking too long to get our coat and hat on!

We're taking every new step and new thing nice and slow.  But yesterday she let me trim the hair on her feet and on her ears.  No fear, no nothing.  Just laid there and trusted me.

I think her previous owner was a man.  And when she first arrived, she definitely favored Jason, perking her ears and tail up and wagging her tail around him from the get go.  But now that she's home with me all day, she's definitely becoming a momma's girl ;)  Though it's so sweet... she still gets all excited when I say, "Daddy's home!  Go see daddy!"

Here's a cute video of Charlee following Ella around.  Ella thought she was coming because she was clapping.  I'm pretty sure she was coming because she knew she was going to get some sweet petting :)

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Christine said...

I LOVE the video! They are two adorable girls!!!