Jan 13, 2013

More than just a skiing lesson.

"Mama,"she said matter of faclty, "this time I want you to ski behind me and not say anything to me. Not a thing. Just let me do what I want to do."
That statement pretty well sums up Ella's personality for you. But after having a conversation about staying in control and not running into any trees, people, rope tows or poles, I decided to trust that she understood and that she could do it.  I had been going in front of her up to that point.  I stepped aside and zipped my lips. To my utter amazement and joy she got her skis turned downhill, made her snowplow and proceeded to ski the entire hill, all by herself without falling once!

It took everything in me not to be the "ski school teacher" and remind her to make a "bigger pizza" when she was coming to a steeper pitch, or "reach her hands out in front" when I saw her little bum starting to sit afraid she might fall, or remind her to turn her body and "look where you want to go" when I was sure she was about to run into something.  But you know what?  I didn't need to.  She had it.  She did it....  ALL. BY. HERSELF.

It was such a good lesson for this mama.  Such a clear and tangible picture of teacher her what I know, guiding her and helping her to the point where she is not only ready, but wanting to do it alone, and then stepping out of the way (literally) and letting her fly.  And is there uncertainty?  Yes.  Is there some fear? Of course.  But there's also joy.  SO. MUCH. JOY.  in watching the independence, the accomplishement, the success, self-confidence, the little girl beaming with pride at the bottom.
I teared up a bit as I skiied down behind her.  Good tears.  Joy filled tears.  And God whispered to me.  "This is just a glimpse.  Just a glimpse of all the times in her life that you will have taught her and guided her enough that she will be ready to do it on her own.  Each time it will be hard.  Each time it will be scary.  But remember this joy that is filling you to overflowing right now.  Because each time there will also be this opportunity for JOY if you can trust enough to step aside and let her fly." 

Thank-you Lord, for preparing this moment long ago, for all those years I taught ski lessons in high-school, for sweet Ella.. brave, fearless, eager to learn.  For this little girl who learned to ski all by herself in just four ours of practice over two Saturdays.  Thank-you that she loves it.  Thank-you that it's something we can now share together.  Thank-you for these priceless memories.  And thank-you for this tangible life lesson.

P.S. this is from the first time out.  I have no actual photos or video of this past Saturday where she started skiing by herself because it was just her and I and I was busy taking her up the rope tow and teachin' her how to ski y'all! 

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Cheryl said...

Wonderful! She's so independent. :-)