Jan 25, 2013

The Life of 6 Month Old

Hi, my name is Josiah.  I just turned 6 months old.  I found my toes.

 I'm really happy about that.

 I'm sitting in a bean bag chair with a blanket over it letting mom do a photo shoot.

I'm really happy about that.

Mom gave me this nifty tag blanket.  

I'm really happy about that.

Now I'm tired of it.

In other news.  I weigh 17lbs 8oz.  and am 26 inches tall.  Yup.  I like to eat.  Mom and dad started giving yummy stuff on a spoon.  I'm getting the hang of eating that stuff and like it second best...milk is still #1 in my book.

I'm super stinkin' happy all the time.  I'm pretty great about letting other people hold me.  But I decided I won't let other people feed me.  Nope.  No bottle for me.  I'll fuss and fuss and hold out 'till mom gets home.  Dad doesn't seem to think that's the best idea.

I have TWO teeth!  One came in on Christmas Eve!  They're sharp.  I must try them out on EVERYTHING!  Everything goes in my mouth...nothing is safe from these chompers!

I LOVE to grab toys.  I bend and twist and can reach just about anything with my York monkey arms.  I like my exersaucer and LOVE my jumparoo that Ms. Stef. lent me!  (I've got mom trained to a T.  If I move my legs up and down, up and down in that thing mom will sit in front of me all day long smiling and saying, "bouncy, bouncy, bouncy boo!" and clapping too!  She really is entertaining.)  I don't like being on my belly so I'll roll to my back lickety split.  I JUST learned how to roll from my back to belly but will only do it if I'm HIGHLY motivated to get a favorite toy.  Mom always puts it just out of my reach... how rude!

 I also really like the sound of my own voice.  (Daddy says I take after Mommy, but I'm not sure what that means.)  Sometimes I groan like an old man.  Sometimes I screech with delight.  Sometimes talk in this super cute huskey voice like, "rarr rarrr rarr rarrrr!"  And I giggle and belly laugh a lot!

Wow, I sure am awesome and happy for a little guy who's decided I don't want to sleep for more than 2-4 hours at a time.  I guess I just LOVE my mom and dad SO much that I can't stand to go a whole night without seeing their face.  Somehow, their face doesn't seem as happy to see me at 2am.  Haven't figured that one out yet :)

Seriously, could he GET any cuter!?


Cheryl said...

He is definitely Mister Cuteness! I love how happy he is all the time. Well, most of the time. So sorry for you that he's not sleeping through the night, though. :-(

Life With My Boys..... said...

Goodness GRACIOUS! He is deee-licious. Yes, the Lord surely does know what He's doing in making them cute. He's smart that way....

Hang in there, Love! This too shall pass. You rock. Hardcore. Totally and completely...