Jul 13, 2012

What Daddies Are Made Of...

Our little has been coping very well (for a three year old) with being on a short leash due to impending baby.  We all would really rather be hours away visiting friends and family, camping out for a long weekend or lounging around at family camp.  But alas, we find fun close to home.  And this week over-due mama is just a little too uncomfortable to leave my sweet, soft bed.  And again, I find myself so thankful for Jason.  For what an amazing man he is and what a great Daddy he is! 

"Phew it's hot in here," Jason exlaimed and then unrolled their sleeping bags and set up camp anyway.  Because Daddies are Made of Sacrifices.  

Even though today was 90+ degrees and muggy as all get out, he promised his little girl at the beginning of the week that he'd go camping in the yard with her.  Because Daddies are Made of Kept Promises.
Daddy/Daughter Fun!

Just earlier Jason and Ella were running around the yard, nets in hand, catching fireflies to put in a jar for their camping nightlight.  Because Daddies are Made of Fun and New Experiences!

Our Happy Camper :)
As I packed our lunch for our beach trip tomorrow, I could see the glow from their headlamps, illuminating book after book as they laid their and read together.  Because Daddies are Made of Stories and Snuggles and Quality Time.
A Few Gazillion Stories Later....

And now as I type, just yards away, windows open to let the sweet summer breeze blow through, I can hear the sweet muffled sounds of their voices as they chatter off to sleep.  Because Daddies are Made of Sweet Words and Love.

Ella pretending to sleep...convincing I know ;)

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Cheryl said...

Making great memories for her! What a great daddy. This is so sweet.