Jul 11, 2012

Baby Status Update

Yes, that wondrous thing called my "due date" has come and gone.  I'm sure inquiring minds want to know and so that I don't have to repeat myself one million times, I'll just post here :)

Due dates are silly, silly things really.  People get WAY too hung up on them!  There's nothing magical about them at all.  Full term (fully developed, healthy baby ready to enter the world) is really anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks.  And might I just add...I am SOOOOOOOO against induction for so many reasons!  But I won't even get started on that right now.

What I'm concerned about are these things:  Is the baby healthy?  Good heartbeat?  Good fluid?  Good movement?  Yes, yes, yes and yes.  Am I healthy?  Still active?  Good blood pressure?  Good sugars and protein?  Yes, yes, yes and yes.  I feel good and I'm happy and ready for the baby to come when HE'S ready.

I just had an OB appointment today and everything looks great.  I haven't gained any weight for the last three weeks so that makes me pretty jazzed too :)  I decided to get checked today, not that it means anything one way or another, I just like to know what I'm working with, or where I'm starting from should I go into labor.

I won't post all me details right here, but I will say that Josiah is in the perfect position.  He's as low as he can go and all the other fun stuff is moving right along.  In short, everything is in a great starting place for whenever he decides to make his way into this world.

Physically, I'm fine.  Really, the hardest thing for me is really the desire to get to see him and hold him.  To find out what he looks like and what his little personality is.  I am so excited to meet this little man.  And you may call me crazy if you like...but just know that it CAN be this way...I am so excited to give birth again...yes, like the actual labor part.  I'm just a little giddy right now, knowing that it is all coming soon!    


Anonymous said...

So it's a boy!!!!

Cheryl said...

I love how calm and prepared you are for this upcoming birth experience. I can't wait to meet him, either! =)

Karen said...

We are anxious to see this little guy too,unfortunately it will be by pictures for now!