Jul 4, 2012

Bathroom Redo Finally!

I think I can finally post that our upstairs bathroom re-do is complete!  Okay, so it seems we always have some finish work to do...but the linnen closet and functional finish are what's importnant with baby on the way and I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

BEFORE: No Linnen Closet.  What were they thinking!?
 AFTER: Beautiful, spacious linnen closet (PAINSTAKINGLY) built from scratch and finished by my amazing hubby!

BEFORE: Gross linolium with many a rips and holes.  Also, totally grungy baseboard.
 AFTER: GORGEOUS ceramic tile and freshly sanded and painted baseboard.
PS: Our friend who is AMAZING at tile and just and AMAZING guy in general gave us this tile FOR FREE!  Then instead of just telling us how to do it and letting us use his tools, he literally showed up one night and installed it for us too!  Seriously.  If you're in southern ME/NH or MASS and you need tile installed or cleaned, go with him!  Check him out here at RENEWED TILE & GROUT, LLC

BEFORE: Sink/toilet area.
 AFTER: Paint, tile, trim, mirror, and towel holder.

BEFORE: Tub area.  Notice the totally grungy door!
 AFTER: Gorgeous!  The shower curtain that inspired the bold paint choices.  Fresh white door and trim and new hooks and towel bars!

BEFORE: The washer and dryer just kind of floated in a big open bathroom.
 AFTER:  Now they fit just right and look like the space was meant for them.  It actually kind of inspires me to do laundry...okay that may have been a lie...but I do think it's real purdy!

So, there you have it.  I didn't really keep track of the total expenses on this one.  But we did buy:
lumber, sheetrock, door for closet, backerboard for floor under tile, cement stuff and grout for tile, trim, paint, shower curtain and towel bars.

 We just were so stoked that we got the tile for free that once we got that in, we went all in.  The whole thing took us about 6 months to do because we just saved what we could in our "house" budget each month and bought the supplies as we had the money.  Debt free is the way to be.  Feels good!


Cheryl said...

Beautiful! Great work, Sarah, Jason, and Peter.

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