Jul 15, 2012

Belly Photo Fun!

He's still in there!
41 Weeks

My midwives are super relaxed and not pressuring for inducement which I LOVE! 
My next appointment isn't even until next Friday which is almost at the 42 week mark but I do hope he comes before then, the suspense is killing me!  I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve...except Christmas morning keeps getting pushed off :) 
And I really am hoping this is the last belly picture I take!
So let's have some fun with the progression shall we?

11 Weeks

16 Weeks

20 Weeks

24 Weeks

28 Weeks

32 Weeks (pop!)

36 Weeks

41 Weeks


Cheryl said...

You are such a beautiful pregnant lady! I love your dress, too. We are all anxious for Josiah's arrival. =)

Jen said...

Tell Josiah that if he waits long enough, he can share a birthday with his Auntie Jen!

I'd like to meet him before then though.

Anonymous said...

Oh please no! ;)

Cheryl said...

Yeah, that's what I told Sarah today, Jen... maybe he's waiting to be born on his Auntie Jen's birthday!