Jul 15, 2012

June & July with our Little Love

At the end of June we went to the local, annual Strawberry Festival. 
It was blazin' hot!  We got there when it began, stayed for 1 1/2 hours and were DONE!
But Ella got to ride a horse, see zoo animals and pet the giant tortoise, go in a jump house and slide down the HUGE tiger slide multiple times. 
The slide was GIANT...maybe three stories high.  She climbed it and whizzed down it all by herself and then begged for more.  It was her favorite! 
...Or maybe her favorite was her first snow cone...or the big strawberry balloon she went home with...our girl has a thing for balloons!

Riding Rocky

Granite State Zoo Tortoise

Giant Tiger Slide!

Here is Snappy...the snapping turtle who happened across our yard and was held in captivity for observation by a cute, inquisitive three year old for three days.  Then she and daddy trapsed out our trail and through the woods and let him go in the big pond.  These pictures are from his release day.

 Our friends have a sweet little pond on their property and we can just pop on over there whenever we want.  You're pretty much guaranteed to catch sunfish and hornpout one after the other...and the biting and reeling and catching are all Ella is concerned about...not the the type of fish or size.  She loves it!

Tiniest Sunfish Ever!

She's all about holding them up herself and touching them.  I'm sure she'll be taking them off the hook in no time, and Jason's already talking about buying her a fly rod!

Aaaand then there was yesterday. 
With the forcast being 90+ and muggy as far as the eye can see, I knew we needed to go get IN water for the day, or else I'd spend the whole day sitting inside, in front of the A/C and I just hate to do that on a beautiful summer Saturday...even if I am 41 weeks preggers! 
So we kicked it to Pawtuckaway State Park and it was GLORIOUS! 
I could really LIVE floating around in the water these days.  The coolness, the weightlessness, the pressure gone from all joints and such.  I do believe it is a small slice of what Heaven will be like :)

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Cheryl said...

I love Ella's happy fisherman smile!