May 22, 2011

What We've Been Up To

I feel very much like a friendly little woodland creature that has come out of hybernation and is already busily going about the business that needs to be taken care of in order to prepare for the upcoming winter!It is fun and exciting, but also overwhelming at times. There is so much to be done and it feels like we've not even made a dent! Here's what we've been up to!We plash in puddles, hunt for salamanders, toads and frogs and catch tadpoles in a bait trap. Ella constantly askes to "check da twap for more fwoggies?" and then emphatically answers for us, "YESSS!". The 15 tadpoles in this bucket are the ones we put back. We are happily raising 15 more in our new pet keeper that has found it's home in my kitchen. Many of those 15 are awaiting their pending adoptions by many of our little friends that want to watch them grow as well!I have been joyously watching all my perrenials come back with vibrancy! I've even split some, rearranged some and moved some to fill in other gardens. EVERY SINGLE plant you see here was either found on our property or given to me by a friend! How glorious! What a blessing! I love building things with rocks. So I continued this rock border around a second side of my house and filled it in with plants I split or plants I got from my friend Megan. It doesn't look as stellar as the other one, but it will! That poppy in the front there might not make it, but all the rest will surely thrive!And then I made a slight attempt to beutiful the backyard with some annuals in a few barrels placed around the deck.Of course, we've been watching our birdies! We couldn't pass up a great deal on 4 cord of wood (and because we've been Dave Ramseying it hardcore, we had the cash in the bank!). So Chainsaw Steve (I'm not kidding, that's how he answers the phone) dumped this fabulousness at our house today (And gave us an UNBELIEVABLEY great estimate on taking down a nasty tree for us!). Now all we have to do is stack it as opposed to the felling, hauling, cutting, splitting AND stacking hubby did last year. I'm telling you, this pile is one GORGEOUS sight!Jason cleared probably an acre of brush to open up our yard and woods. Then he chipped it all! Now he's spreading it to begin to fill where we're going to extend our lawn. Lookin' good! We've both been plugging away at this 10 yards of loam. Some went in my new flower beds, some is filling ruts, some is covering and seeding lawn, and a lot is going to our garden!
Here's a portion of our garden rototilled and loamed. The rest of our garden is sitting under the rest of the loam pile. We need to get that all moved so I can plant our very first veggie garden next weekend! Can't wait!

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Cheryl said...

Wow! Lots going on at your house and yard! I love the tadpoles and Ella's excitement about them, and that pile of firewood is a wonderful sight. :-)