May 5, 2011

Potty Training Update!

A little under three weeks ago we embarked on our potty training journey.

I'm proud to say that with a super exciting sticker/prize/candy reward system and ridgid consistancy, Ella is fully pee potty trained!

She went from a girl who held it for almost 24 hours one day... to a girl who peed in her undewear every time all day long the next day... to a girl who finally got with the program but still held it a lot and was still uncomfortable going pee and still had to sit for a LONG time every time to do it.

But it's amazing what's happened within this last week. She doesn't hold it at all. She tells US when she has to go. She goes in by herself, closes the door and insists, "Mommy leave so Ella can go pee." Then she does her business quickly, wipes herself, dumps her potty herself, wipes her potty herself and then flushes it all away. She runs out beaming with pride ready and waiting for her 1 swedish fish and 1 m&m. (P.S. Kristie, she insists on going "pee on the froggy"! THANK-YOU!)

She's gone 6 times today alone! And one of them was at someone else's house...momentous ocasion there! She's been dry at nap time and morning time ever since we started!

Now, pooping is a whole different ball game. She's done it twice but insists that she doesn't want to. We've transitioned so that she only gets a prize for pooping. AND she gets 5 fish and 5 m&ms for pooping! I think this will be slower going but I'm optimistic.

I also think that learning to do this without mom or dad (like at church, or with a babysitter or in any kind of childcare setting) could prove to be our biggest difficulty. But I'm not going to rush that. I'm very happy with where we're at.

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Diane said...

As I have said before, she is her father's daughter! We are so proud of you, Ella!!