May 24, 2011

Counter Tops!!!

Ugly counter tops have plagued me for as long as I can remember. A portion of the countertops in my college apartment were just plywood if I recall correctly. Then I moved on to ugly trailer counters. Next it was off to very seventies counters in our over the garage apartment (but those were probably the best and most neutral of them all). Then I lived with old, seventies, ugly, cut apart and pieced back together counters in our first house. We did replace those with counters with ones that I LOVED. But we only put them in to help sell the house so I only got to enjoy them for a short while until they became someone else's nice, brand new counter tops. That was probably more painful than never having had them at all! Next we had some VERY country blue counters in our apartment in Sanford, but I have to say... TOTALLY made that work. Just when I thought it couldn't get much gaudier, we bought this house (I love it, it's huge, its gorgeous, I'm not being ungrateful here) but the counters people. THEY ARE TEAL.

I wanted them changed the second we moved in. I didn't care if we were trying to live within our means, buy only when we have the cash and get out of debt. I was ready and willing to purchase beyond our means, to become slave to the debtor, heck I think I'dve sold my soul! I begged Jason! I grovelled...I schemed... I did all that I could think of to try to get him to crack and stoop to my superficial level. It was NOT pretty people! But the man is a rock. A ROCK I tell you. You cannot crack that one. He held firm and insisted that we save up the money for new counters. "FINE!!!" (I finally gave up, knowing he was TOTALLY right, and probably stomped off like a teenager to pout for a while in one last ditch effor to get him to cave.)

But, with all the debt paying down, oil buying, wood buying, college fund saving for Ella, gas and grocery price increasing, emergency fund saving, blah, blah, took us a year to save up for those bad boys.

But let me tell you....walking into Lowes, picking out the exact counter top I wanted, with the exact edge I desired and seeing the slight look of shock when the lady assumed I'd be using a credit card but I was not....felt SOOOO GOOD!!! It was SURELY worth the wait!

The curse of ugly counter tops shall leave my household in two to three weeks. And we don't have to trade for the curse of debt to get them!!! Thanks for being my rock honey ;) Pictures will surely follow when they are installed.

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