May 19, 2011

Bird Nerd

I think I'm officially a bird nerd. After a year at this house, not putting up bird feeders because it attracts the squirrels that like to live in our attic, we've thrown caution to the wind!

When Jason cut down all the brush, birds started showing up in droves, eating insects out of the piles of brush, getting nest building materials and even building nests in some of the piles. Ella LOVED watching them! And I have to admit....I did too!

So I put up the two feeders I had, bought two more, got some premium bird seed and bought a bird book. Now we watch the birds EVERY morning at breakfast. We sit at our dining room table and watch through the double doors that open to our backyard. It is so nice! We use the bird book to identify and learn about each bird we see. Ella adores doing this, is learning quite a few bird names, and often asks to read the bird book as one of her bedtime stories :)

Here are the birds we've seen at our house thus far!

Blue-Jay. (We've only seen him once. Because as pretty as they are, they're bullies. And it was quite a site to watch ALL the other male birds gang up and give chase to drive him away!)ChickadeeEastern Towhee Goldfinch Tufted Titmouse Some kind of Warbler White Breasted NuthatchWhite Crowned Sparrow


Diane said...

I just took my feeders down for the summer. We have had Baltimore Orioles and Cardinals this spring. The males are so beautiful! And yes, the Blue Jay is gorgeous, but a pig when it comes to eating.

Cheryl said...

I love the assortment of birds you have at your feeders, and your and Ella's fascination with watching them! And you forgot to mention... sometimes Ella says, "No read the bird book." She's so funny!