May 8, 2011

Sea Dog Mother's Day 5k recap!

Well I did it. I ran my 5k today. Thanks in part to my hippie doctor.You see, I got really sick Wednesday and there was no way I'd be running a 5k in a few days...I could barely drag myself out of bed and walking up stairs...forgedaboudit! Thursday evening I learned I had a strep infection. But after starting some natural antibiotics/immune boosting herbal hippie pills Thursday evening I began to mend.

I went for a 3 mile spin on Friday and kinda felt like I was going to die. Too much too soon. Lesson learned.

But Saturday had me feeling much better. A little TOO better perhaps, because when my 10 yards of dirt arrived, I could not stop myself from building a small rock wall, hauling 7 wheelbarrow loads of dirt and transplanting plants. NOT a wise choice the day before a race. Lesson learned...again...maybe.

The race went like this: A lot of people! Hard to get my pace going in a pack. See. There's my head. Nice camera work J-dog! At mile one my pace was 10 seconds faster than I was shooting for. YES. Just into mile two my lungs were burning and twasn't a pretty picture. That's where I lost my time. But once I hit the 1/2 way mark I got back on pace. When I hit mile three I picked up my pace and I had quite a bit of kick left at the end. I passed a lot of people. I like that. (Cha-ching, cha-ching Noelle!) I was shooting to pace myself in the beginning and run a faster second half of the race than the first half. I accomplished that...but probably only because I lost so much time in the beginning part of the second mile. I finished 1minute 30seconds slower than I hoped. But this type a perfectionist will try to be happy with that.

Because you know what? It's not really imporant if my numbers weren't down where I wanted them to be. What's important is staying healthy and running for a great cause on Mother's Day like Maine Breast Cancer Research! 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. each year. 40,000 don't win the battle. Here's looking forward to seeing THOSE numbers go down, down, down!


Amy said...

Yay Sarah!!!! You look awesome in your running stuff!!!!

Diane said...

We are so proud of you!

Cheryl said...

Me, too! So very proud of you! Great accomplishment, especially being sick to boot!