Oct 1, 2010


The language of my little one never ceases to amaze me. Books say she's picking up new words every 90 seconds and I believe it! She's putting together 4 and 5 word senteces like it's her job. I'm also in awe of the things she remembers now. She's able to say what she's done in a day and will often recall and talk about things that happened weeks or months ago! Here's a little snipit from this morning on the changing table. She busted it all out of no where.

Ella: I go ride da car.
ME: You want to go ride in the car?
Ella: Yeah.
ME: Oh, okay. Where do you want to go?
Ella: Go see Auntie Den (Jen).
ME: Awww, you want to see Auntie Jen? I'm sorry sweetie. She's working and her house is a long way away.
Ella: I go see Danie (Janie, Jen's horse)! Feed Danie apples. I ride her.

I mean seriously. She's 21 months old. Wow.

You see, we just returned from a weekend up home and stayed with Auntie Jen. While Ella adores horses in theory and from afar, she often cries hysterically when she gets close to them because they are so big. True to form she cried as we got close to Jen's Quarter Horse Janie, but I told her she was fine and set her down just outside the gate. After about 30 seconds she stopped crying and then she actually asked to come in the pature "I go under gate?" and then she came in and stood very close while watching me feed Janie apples. She was intrigued because "Danie wear a shirt!" (translation: Janie had a rain blanket on). Where she came up with riding her I have NO idea. And while I hope that she actually will do this, I fear it might just be another one of Ella's "really good in theory" notions. :)

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Cheryl said...

What a smart kiddo! And just give her time. I'm sure she will ride that horsey some day! :-)