Oct 19, 2010

Outsmarted by a Toddler

The Following is an ACTUAL conversation that occurred tonight while reading bedtime stories.

Ella: (points) "Dat?"
Jason: "Flamingo."
Ella: "Dat."
Jason: "Flamingo."
Ella: "DAT!"
Jason: "That's a Flamingo Ella."
Ella: "Ostrich."

I turn the book so I can see what she's pointing at and sure-a-stinkin'-nough...it's an Ostrich. No if ands or buts about it. Clear as day. Ostrich.

I can see how very confusing it must be..... And that, my friends, is why Jason gave up teaching.(Just kidding honey. I know it's been a very long weekend :)

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Krissy said...

That is just too funny!!
Jason, don't feel too bad, we have all been called out by a toddler. For example on a recent plane ride, a toddler asked me
"You have a boo-boo?"
I replied, "No."
The little boy pointed to his chin and said "Yes" as if to say, "Obviously, why are you denying it?"
At that point I realized that I had forgotten that I had a pimple on my chin.