Oct 21, 2010

Our New "Go To" Spot!

A long time ago Jason planned a little getaway for the two of us. He planned it for the end of a long stretch of overtime and business trips so that we could refamiliarize ourselves with what the other looked like. We went to North Conway, NH and have now dubbed this our new "go to" outdoorsy spot! I'll just let the pictures tell the story.A roadside view I just couldn't resist on our drive up.
Stonehurst Manor where we stayed
(wasn't aweful but wouldn't recommend it and wouldn't return)
The view from our B&B!
Another view from our B&B
We took a little hike across this bridge...
...to THIS waterfall! (200ft)
Perhaps this will give you a little perspective!
(I'm the black smudge in the lower right corner!)
Then we hiked this.
(It's called Frankenstein Cliff. We found it very fitting for this late Oct. jaunt.)
I found this little tree. He's a survivor.
We took in this view.
And this one too.
And this one too.
We found a few covered bridges.
I took a few pictures of them.
And a few more :)
We got a view of snowy Mt. Washington sans clouds on our last morning.
We drove off the beaten path...saw a black bear...and took some more pictures of beauty.
Then we hit the road. Sad to leave. Two nights is too short!
But I found some more beauty on the way home!


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful! I think that will have to be a place on my list to visit!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful!!! So glad you found a new favorite spot.

Angie Cousins said...

Beautiful pictures Sarah! I especially love the one of the mountains through the open space in the bridge!

Life With My Boys..... said...

Sorry about the Stonehurst. What didn't you like? That's our MOST favorite spot to go!