Oct 8, 2010

An Honest Heart.

I was in the kitchen finishing dishes. Ella was romping about pushing her stroller through the house. I heard the spinning wheels come to a stop and heard drawers opening and closing loudly in our bathroom. (Child locks would not fit on these drawers so we make sure to keep harmless items in them.) She understands that she's not supposed to be in them and was no doubt reveling in the joy that mommy was busy and she was able to rummage through the off limit goods at will.

I stopped what I was doing and went and waited outside our bedroom door. I heard the the weels on the little stroller start to spin again and some happy chatter bubble out of Ella's mouth. This chatter abruptly stoppped, as did she - in her tracks, when she turned the corner into the living room and found me standing there. She peered up at me with a look that clearly communicated she knew the jig was up.

"What were you doing in there?" I asked.

Without a word she took the blanket off of her baby to reveal a small horde of "treasures" she had taked from the drawers and stashed away.

"Those are not yours," I said. "Please go put them back." And she did. I hugged her and praised her and we went merrily about our morning.

It all just struck me. First of all it was adorable to hear her get into mischeif. I also thought it so cunning that she had the forthought to hide her loot under her baby blanket. Cunning and funny, but also a bit scary as I think of years to come! But most of all I was struck by her honesty. She didn't try to deny that she had taken things. She didn't try to speed past me and get away. She didn't refuse to put things away. When asked, she simply showed me what she had done and then obeyed and returned them.

I do not expect my child to be perfect. To never disobey or test limits. Although this serves as the most minescule example, I do expect as she grows, that when she does wrong, she'll take responsibility, accept the consequences and do her best to make it right. That is what we try to instill in her and if she grows to do just those things, oh how happy we'll be!

In that moment I prayed that God would preserve that honesty of heart in that beautiful little child.

"I know, my God, that you test the heart and are pleased with integrity. All these things have I given willingly and with honest intent." ~1 Chronicles 29:17


Cheryl said...

That's beautiful! I really had to laugh out loud, tho, at the part where she whipped the blanket off her baby to reveal her loot! I can just picture the look on her sweet little face. :-)
And, you are such a good mommy!

Diane said...

She is so smart!! Her Daddy was always that way, as I am sure you were as a child.