Sep 22, 2010

A Running Update

I tried on a pair of running capri's the other day at Target. You know the kind...spandex that end just below your knee. I thought they'd be good for fall running. The good news: I felt like enough of a runner to try those bad boys on AND took a size small. The bad news: I still don't feel like enough of a runner to wear them and even though I may be a size small I'm still not brave enough to wear spandex in front of every driver/home owner on my running route!
The running is going well though. The other day I ran all the way to the stop sign that marks the full 5k distance!!! I slapped that badboy, turned and headed for home and have to admit...I was overcome by emotion...a little tear of joy trickled down my cheek. I felt SO DANG proud! That's the first time I've run that far in 10 years! And I liked it too!

Some added bonuses are:
-dropping a pants size, wearing pants I haven't worn in 4 years and packing away "fat pants" for my next pregnancy
-dipping below 130 for the first time since our first year of marriage and tipping the scales at only 4lbs more than I weighed on our wedding day :),

And the most priceless rewards of all:
-being able to run and run and run after my daughter as we play "get choo" in the yard without ever tiring.
-passing on the idea of exercize to our little one. When she sees my put on my shoes and bust out the ipod she says, "Momma going running." (and usually doesn't want me to leave) and when I get back and stretch she says, "Momma strech. I do it!" and then proceeds to reach way up to the sky and then bend down and touch her toes! Priceless.

And last but not least....drumroll please....Jason started running too!!! I asked him a long time ago to join me and he said "No. I will never do long distances." I thought this odd, because he ran track in highschool and I don't look at a 5k as "long distance". He said, "I was a sprinter. A 5k is a long distance." So I said no more. Then two weeks ago he decided he was running too and is going to try to catch up to me and run the 5k with me in October! He started out on week 3 of Couch to off! :)


Amy said...

Oh go put your spandex on you weenie!!!!

Cheryl said...

Yeah, anyone who can fit in a size small ought to wear their spandex with pride! :-) Now try imagining ME in a pair of spandex capris.... HA HA HA HA HA!!!! See, you'll look mahvelous! And thanks for the pep talk today about fighting off the seasonal depression. The running seems to be working wonders for you. I know I should try it.