Sep 15, 2010


The weekend was GLORIOUS. Just as glorious as I had hoped. We stayed up way too late talking, playing games, and watching movies. I slept on a screen porch, soaking in the cool air on my face, snuggled all cozy and warm in my hubby's sleeping bag. I woke each morning to the sun rising over the lake ...and then promptly went back to sleep (See the view from my bed at left!!!). We ate well and snacked very well! I kept up with my running, did lots of reading, found lots of good stuff at the outlets, put 3/4 of it back and only brought home a little, and hiked a Mt. with fabulous views!

I watch my friend's little girl every Wednesday (We'll call her Suzie). It has been SOOO good for Ella. She's gaining lots of social skills. It is so fun to watch her giggle and interact and initiate in play! The girls get along like a dream! She's also learning that the world, in fact, does not revolve around her, which is marvelous! Today after I told her suzie was coming she processed it for a moment and then said the following:

"Suzie come. Me hi. She play Ella's toys. My turn. You turn. My turn. You turn." (Yup. All on her own. No promting at all. She's such a fast learner! That brought joy to my heart!)

PS: Do not take a 21mo. old and a 23mo old to Staples to run an errand unless you have A LOT of energy, A BUTT TON of patience and are a little touched. Luckily I met all three qualifications and did okay this morning. We discovered many fun things, twirled in the office chairs and played follow the leader through the aisles while we waited for our laminating. It's a good thing I'm totally fine with trapsing through public places attracting stares as I flap my wings like a bird and hop like a rabbit. The girls had a blast!!!


Cheryl said...

Awww, what a good mom and babysitter! I can just picture the three of you cavorting through Staples! :-)

anxiousknitter said...

And I thought flapping wings like a bird and hopping like a bunny were the norm, not the exception!!! So glad you made a good day of it!