Sep 4, 2010

Just What I Needed

Have you ever had one of those days where you just don' t know if you're gonna make it through? Thursday I was exhausted from a long weekend followed by Jason being away in D.C. (so single parenting it) and I didn't feel well to boot. My usually super sweet Ella woke up on the "bat of ouf h-e-double hockey sticks" side of the bed. She'd bumped her head twice, I felt like I'd said "no" one-gagillion times, she'd already had two time outs and one spanking and it was ONLY 8:30am!!! I was 99.9% sure I was going to have a nervous breakdown!
Welp, I didn't. I made it. And yesterday, as I was faithfully reporting on my Emergency Food Supply (which by the way was not even close to being needed for wimpy dimpy little Earl) Jason scared the poo right out of me by rounding the corner into our office at 3:20pm. But he was holding the most beautiful boquet I've seen in a long time so I forgave him once my heart returned to it's normal rhythm.
You see, Jason starts work at 6:00am so 3:30pm is when he'd get home from work on a normal day, but there have been no normal days for a very long while. He goes in early and usually gets home well after 5pm. He's been working a lot of overtime and he's been going away on these trips to D.C., which took him away for the better part of this week. While this is good for our finances and helps us pay off more debt (yay!) it's tough on family life. But it's only a season and I must say we've been dealing pretty well thus far. It gets easier and easier as we grow accustomed to it. I am so thankful for his dedication, hard work and provision for our family. It amazes me that amidst all of that he still has (makes) the time, thought, energy, heart left over to do things like this...Friday he started by leaving me the sweetest message ever, came home early and kept it a total suprise, brought me amazing flowers, and then took me out to pick out a chick flick to watch together (which by the way had us BOTH in tears!) and then talked late into the night even though he had to get up and go to work again today! Blessed. I am blessed.


Cheryl said...

Yikes! You didn't even hear him come in the house? I would have had a heart attack. But what a sweet hubby you have! So, what was the tear-jerker chick flick you saw?
And poor you and Ella on Thursday! That sounds like a doozie of a morning!

Anonymous said...

He is a super hubby!!