Sep 3, 2010

EFS - Don't be caught without one!

My mother is very much one of those "Worst Case Scenario" people. A while back she phoned to ask me if I had 6 months worth of food stored up in case the world comes to an end and I was all, "Ummm, no. If the world is coming to and end, I don't want enough food to keep me alive that long."

But it did get me to thinking that an Emergency Food Supply for some much less ridiculous length of time might not be a bad idea. I mentioned it to Jason, he concurred and we never did anything about it.

Hurricane Earl is just 'round the bend and though I'm sure he'll only manage a few blustery winds at our door, Jason brought up that now might be a good time for the EFS. I conconted a menu plan for 7 days, wrote up my grocery list, decided an EFS wasn't important enough to take out a second mortgage and scaled her back to a 3 day supply. (which is what the government recommends, and we all know how AWESOME are government is right now! *chuckle, chuckle*cough*gag*hurl*)

I'm pretty pleased. This bad boy will get us by for 3 days if we eat and drink like kings and queens, but paring back the plan and adding in a few extra things I bought it will definitely get us by for a week if we scrimp a bit! In case you're intersted. Here's my plan for 2 adults and 1 toddler.

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Cheryl said...

That is excellent planning! I am so impressed! I'm glad that you probably wont' need it this weekend, with Earl scaling down and staying off shore (hopefully). But did I really say the end of the world? I think it was more for natural disasters or terrorist attacks or you know, when Iran finally makes a nuclear bomb and decides to send one on over here. OK, so I'm a worrier! :-)